Ladies, I know we love our hair and topics about hair. Therefore, I will be sharing regular tips on how to maintain our crown of glory. Do feel free to ask me questions too. If I don’t know it I will research it for you, that’s a promise.

First of remember that these hairs are not Afro textured hair, they are Caucasian hair and both are not the same. So you cannot feed your Indian, Brazilian, Peruvian, Chinese, etc hair with Afro products. Afro hair is dry and fragile and has a real hunger for moisture and a bit of oil to protect it from humidity attack, while Caucasian hair is oily and generates more oil daily. This is why Afro hair is not washed too frequently as it dries the oil on our hair and scalp whereas Caucasian hair has to be washed more frequently to remove oil residue in the hair and scalp. Now you get the picture. So to look after your prized possession which is Caucasian hair you need to treat it the same way as a Caucasian (generally a white person) would. In plain English (but without offence), you cannot treat the white person’s hair you have with black hair products, it doesn’t work. For the Caucasian hair you have to feel silky, soft, natural with movement avoid marinating it with oil, it gives it a CHEAP look.

When people buy cheap or fake hair (sometimes wrongly sold fake at high price) that loses its silicon coating after a wash or humidity attack it suddenly shows its true identity. It loses its coated silkiness and suddenly expands in size without you adding more hair and stands on your shoulders like a soldier and won’t obey any command by the comb to stay down. This is when some people now like to marinate it or massage it with oil to tell it to stay down.

Hmmm, just bin it! So what should you use for your hair? Remember that Afro hair does not require regular shampooing but Caucasian hair does. So what is the compromise in keeping that Caucasian hair silky looking, with natural flow at the same time not drying out your Afro hair of moisture? It’s simple, don’t put too much product on it so you don’t make it look a child’s hair been prepared for braids or plaits. Remember also that just as we have too many products for Afro hair, there are equally that many and more products for Caucasian hair. In a nutshell, one size does not fit all.

There are different products for Caucasian hair based on the texture of the hair e.g. fine, coarse, dry and brittle so you need to look for a product that suits your hair (ask your stylist about this). What your friend is using may not be suitable for your hair unless the hair came from the same ponytail.

Always do your first shampoo after a weave with your professional stylist they should be able to advice you on what to use after your restyle.